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I can't see you anymore, I can't hug you anymore, touch kiss or pet you. but I can love you still. I will always love you Flitch.

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i lost my boy approx a month ago. i miss him.

honestly think YouTube's "recommended" and "trending" features do more harm than good to their viewers. if you want to waste less of your valuable time, use some custom CSS to hide all that crap lest you be tempted. or use an Invidious instance

I want to switch to Linux full-time, really, but... video games... 😔

is fediverse microblogging worth using if you don't have any friends on it? sometimes i struggle to find a reason to come on here. most interesting people i want to follow also only use Twitter, so that sucks. considering taking a hiatus. I've been using recently, and sometimes feel that it's more conducive to healthy discussion than masto or twitter are. i'm more tempted to type my thoughts on there.. at least there i get some good replies. also less meme spam.

if you're looking for new videogames to play -- look in the past! plenty of hidden gems that escaped much press attention 20 years ago.

moved my primary e-mail over to thanks to @sir 's recommendation and it's been awesome. the free plan is a little restrictive, and they impose a signature on your outgoing e-mail, but it should be fine otherwise for personal use assuming you dont get over 100 emails a day. i've since paid for a month, but not sure i'll even need it. it is great using my own domain. 👍 having the freedom to move to another service is awesome

girlfriend made some delicous soba and gyoza 😋

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